Movie Critiques


I am a huge fan of this stations movies. I am not going to critique the cast, far be it from me to be a critic of their talents! There are enough of those out there already! As you read on you will discover where my critics are spotlighted. (Bare with me. I’ll be editing as I learn how to blog, so please have patience with a newbie!)

Christmas in Evergreen- Letters To Santa…In this continuous story of Christmas in Evergreen, we’re introduced to Lisa (Jill Wagner) and Kevin.(Mark Delkin) with the return of some cast members from the original. It was fun to watch them navigate through life’s twists and turns. Casting did a good job in pairing these two actors up!

Critiques in the scene where Allie (Ashley Williams) is speaking with Kevin,she mentioned that her and Ryan (Teddy Sears) are evergreen people…question if that is the case then why at the ending we not see him/daughter standing w/her at the church..she is only shown w/her parents. 

Scene in the inn with Megan (Michelle Martin ) and Hannah (Rukiya Bernard ) when Lisa first arrives. The way they had Hannah cut off Megan was very abrupt, and in a sense to me, rude to Megan. I am sure the writer’s didn’t intend for it to come across this way. 

Over all I can say its a fun, romantic comedy, worthy of being placed on the Go To The Movies Rack!


Pearl In Paradise..Here we meet Alex (Jill Wagner) and Colin (Kristoffer Polaha)..these two are opposites who definitely attract! There is just enough romance, without being overbearing, along with the right amount of comedy, making this one another worthy of being placed on the Go To The Movies Rack!

I do detect one discrepancy in this film. In the final scenes we notice that when Alex goes to the office she is wearing a gold necklace. When her boss Sharon (Dina Gillespie) tells Alex to go read the email from Colin, she is still wearing the necklace when she sits back down at her desk. When she stands back up to face Colin, the necklace is gone. So where did it go? Guess when they edited they missed that!. 


The Good Witch…got hooked on this one, late in it’s running and had to play catch up. Got all the series now, and all the movies with it. In the later part of Series 3 and all of series  Four..revolve around the up-coming wedding from finding the right dress to the right flowers. Now let’s jump to series Five. Where the wedding takes place, finally! I am sure there are some fans that were glad to see this happen. Now curiosity sets in, there were a lot of players in this romance that failed to be included in the main event. Asking where did they go? Sam’s receptionist Eve (Kate Corbett), and Sam’s sister Joanne (Kate Greenhouse). How about Cassie’s friends Olympia (Wendy Crewson) and Melanie (Lauren Holly). Never mind Martha’s husband Tom (Paul Miller) and Chief Derek (Noah Cappe). They played key roles in the preceding episodes only to be forgotten in the main event. The only one who was given a lame excuse for not attending was Sams’ friend Liam (Seann Gallagher). Cassie so wanted those flowers and yet they were not included in the wedding! On top of this we’re introduced a foster brother Vincent (Gianpaolo Venuta), who as far as I can tell, has never been mentioned in previous episodes or movies, unless I am missing one.